Having a guarantor is a great way to help beginners enter the market earlier. In today’s property market, the bank of mum and dad (or guarantors) are one of the many avenues for young property owners entering the property market.
A property portfolio or real estate portfolio is a collection of property investments owned by an individual, a group, or a company. In other words, it’s a list of all the different investment property assets you own. Building a successful property portfolio boils down to three main things: diversifying your investments, bridging capital to get more properties, and strengthening your bases.
Investing in your 20’s is considered an advantage when it comes to investing. As investing is an excellent way to build wealth and plan for your financial goals. Rather than waiting until later decades, taking advantage of your youth, get you a head start on saving for your future.
Have you already fallen behind on your New Year's Resolutions or Goals for 2022?  Each year most of us set out our New Years goals, however little of us actually achieve them. Why? Maybe the goals were unrealistic or we had too many distractions get in the way.  However, for those who achieve, there is no better feeling. We want to share our top tips to setting out your SMART Goals, making this realistic and achievable for you. 
It’s no secret that the property market in large cities such as Sydney & Melbourne are heading in the direction of unaffordability for homeowners. The growing population keeps both housing demand and housing prices sky high. Due to the financial constraints of city living and being in their family forming years.
Put simply, Rentvesting is a term that is used when you rent where you really want to live and you purchase an investment property elsewhere which generates enough cashflow to cover your rental expenses.
Successful investors always have multiple income sources with the objective of achieving financial freedom and creating wealth for generations to come. There are multiple investment vehicles however we believe that investing in Real Estate is one of the most secure pathways to creating long-term wealth.

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