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1. You will learn what your borrowing capacity is from our partner mortgage broker
2. Start on your action plan for your property journey
3. Get a complimentary wealth audit so you know how fast you can move

Here's how to plan:

If possible please come prepared with your latest financial details, such as income, monthly expenses etc.

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First Time Buyer to Investor

“…When I spoke to you, you laid out all the options, you had some analysis before purchasing anything. I think a lot of companies want you to buy a ticket on the journey before they show you anything, and you had showed us that you’re previous deals have gone well and the projected outcomes before we made any sort of deal to work together, and that made us comfortable. So we went ahead and now that proven to be a worthwhile investment for us because we’ve saved more money than what it costs to have you onboard.”


First Time Investor

“It was a really smooth process. I know I was really picky, but you [OCP] always had lots of options to give me at the end of the day. And [you] guide me in the right directions and also giving me that choice to come from me. So that process was really easy for me. And all the back work that you did, with regards to finding specific properties. how much they’re worth, their growth vacancy rate that kind of stuff, I didn’t have to worry about at all.”


2nd Time Investor

“The information and knowledge you provide can really educate a first time learner and investor. Your contacts and networks, and the friendly service that you provide – I highly recommend even if its a second or third investment.”


First Time Investor using Equity from Own Home

“Bruno helped me searching and looking for the property which was best suited to our finance capacity and being a positively great property. We were happy with what ten-year blueprint Bruno has shown us, and how the property will work for the ten years time. So we were quite happy with how we have invested in the property for the long run, which will help us in the longer term in the future, to reinvest into other properties.”


First Home Buyer

“I didn’t know anything about property investment or anything like that. I had zero idea and then after you taught me all this stuff. I able to get my head around it.”


Utilizing Grants as First Time Buyer to Investor

“In today’s market you have choices, not just stuck to one. We did go through different options and we found something that almost took all the boxes if not all of them. You’re able to use the grounds. Yeah, it was a good area we saw the numbers. It grew value already without even building it. That’s crazy absolutely crazy!”