Inspiring millennials
to invest in their future
through real estate

We have helped hundreds of Millennials begin their property investing journey.

Here's what they say...

One Central Property's mission is to take millennials on a comprehensive property journey to achieve financial success.

Imagine having someone walk you through every step of your property journey today, ensuring you are on track to smashing your goals and objectives closer than yesterday.

You will have access to everything required throughout your journey to become successful in real estate.

Discover how Millennials are achieving financial freedom from property investing.

Selecting your first property can be overwhelming.

Information can become challenging to understand. Sources are not always reliable when most agencies are trying to sell a story.
At One Central Property, we believe in building a team of experts committed to helping you.
We will give you the confidence of having reliable specialists to assist you in a smooth journey.

Discover how Millennials are achieving financial freedom from property investing.



Our Dream Teams Combined Experience



Our Investors Average Age Compared to the Industry Average of 36



For Our Clients in the 1st Year on Average

How do you choose a property that will go up in value?

Everyone is chasing the magic bullet, where property suddenly grows in value, and you’ve hit the JACKPOT.

We don’t believe in Getting Rich Quick. We view the property as a long-term investment, and good things come to those who wait.

Are you patient enough to wait for your property to grow steadily every year?

Source: CoreLogic

Are you a First Home Buyer?

Entering the real estate market today has become more challenging than ever.
It seems like if you need to have over $100,000 in cash or have inherited a family property to start.
Find out how you can use the government grants and incentives together with our unique strategies to assist you in starting your property investing journey sooner than you will ever realize.

Curious to find out how exactly we can help you?