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The Dream Team You Need

Whether you are buying your first home or your first investment property, you are at the start of having financial security and freedom. Let us guide you along your journey.

Property Consultant

The property consultant will first try to understand your goals and objectives for investing in property. They will work with you to create long-term wealth. And they will complete the research and due diligence required to find the ideal real estate opportunities for you.

Property consultants should always boast a passion for real estate. They are the professionals who enable people from all walks of life to enter the property market and secure their futures.

Financial Broker

The financial broker takes over the task of dealing with banks to find out which lenders will offer you the best loan product with the minimum interest. They will also guide you through your possible options.

Whether that’s borrowing with a 5% deposit or using your parents as a guarantor, they will work with you to ensure you can enter the market securely and financially.

Many financial brokers also help you apply for all those government grants and incentives and submit them on your behalf.


The conveyancer will ensure that your rights are protected, and every step you take secures your future.

The conveyancer reviews all your contracts before you sign them. They also ensure that you are aware of all the risks involved at every step of the way by completing the necessary due diligence to the property.

Each state and territory has different laws and guidelines that property owners must follow. The ideal conveyancer should have the knowledge and experience in the state you are looking to purchase.

Quantity Surveyor

The quantity surveyor will inspect your property to provide a depreciation schedule. The depreciation schedule covers the fittings and fixtures of the property and not the land where it is built on.

A depreciation schedule is a must for smart investors to reduce their tax.

Property Manager

The property manager ensures that your investment property is not vacant and finds the right candidate to live in your property.

They will conduct interviews on your behalf and advertise the property when required. They will save you from the hassle of finding the next tenant and managing the property as well.

Many property managers operate on a percentage of your rental income, and some on a fixed-fee basis. They will also liaise with the tenant and you, as the landlord, should there are maintenance issues in the property.


The accountant helps you to make the most of every tax deduction available for your property investment.

It is necessary to have an accountant who has knowledge and experience in investment property.

This will help you to get the maximum benefits and structure for your investment portfolio.

Building Inspector

It is crucial to ensure that nothing is overlooked at any stage during the construction of your property.

The building inspector will carry out inspections at each stage of the property build.

They will report back to ensure every element of the construction has been carried out correctly and to the specification of the building contract.

They will pre-empt any significant faults or issues that could unfold in the future.

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