Your journey to becoming a successful property investor begins here...

The first consultation is all about you.
We want to understand your goals, expectations, and everything else that brought you to this point.
We will then use this consultation to customize and plan together with you.
It will help you achieve your goals sooner.

We will gather information from specific questions created by our financial broker.

Then, we will review your current financial standing to create your estimated borrowing assessment.

Each first time buyer is different.
Extensive research needs to be carried out to help with your individual goals. It will set the criteria and properties that fit the government grants and timelines. The properties that we shortlist will be put together from your requirements.
Next, there should be a thorough property investment analysis for each option. This will provide an accurate estimate of performance expectations for the property based on your financial circumstances.
Once we find the property that you like and fits all your requirements, we will guide you through the reservation.

Once your property is reserved, the conveyancer will step in to review all the contracts. The conveyancer will ensure that the contract includes the best terms for protecting your rights and interests as an investor. They will take care of any negotiations required in these terms.
We will work as a communicator between you, the conveyancer, and the vendor. We will confirm everything is being adhered to promptly.

Upon the contracts exchange and securing your property, you will be required to put down a deposit.
This deposit varies across developers. Most developers require it to be in the range of 5% to 10% of both house and land or apartment purchase price.
You will be required to secure the balance amount of the purchase price through mortgage approval from your bank or broker. You will have to work with the bank or the broker to get the loan required for this settlement.
The conveyancer will prepare the required documentation for completing the purchase on the settlement day.
Their job will also include working with the vendor’s legal team to set up the date, time, and place of settlement.

You should ensure that your conveyancer has paid the balance of the purchase price at the scheduled time and place specified before settlement.

After the settlement is complete, you will get the keys to your property. This generally happens on the day of the settlement.
Your conveyancer will confirm that the settlement is complete.
As you get the keys to your investment property, the next part is getting a long-term tenant.
We are partners with some of the most innovative and experienced property management experts in Australia. They will be finding you the best tenants, managing the property, and ensuring efficient and hassle-free maintenance.
You have access to a mobile app and online portal to keep you updated about everything on your property. You can sit back and relax with all the updates coming to you in real-time.
Start Your Journey

Start Your Journey